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Brain Based Approach

Your brain is your body’s conductor. It has immense power over the rest of your body, and is delicately intertwined with your emotions. My brain based approach helps you learn the tools you need to control your body, mind, and spirit confidently.

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Evidence Based Protocols

The processes and protocols I utilize are indicated by research and evidence. You deserve the best and I want you to live a vibrant and meaningful life by doing what works. That’s why I help you learn and grow using evidence based protocols.

Anthony Haskins leading therapy support group

Strategies that Work

I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years. That's how I know that you are totally unique and therefore require a customized approach specific to your individual needs and problems. Strategies are my forte, so we will develop a plan that works!

“It’s time for you to finally Set You Free from whatever is holding you back. This is the best investment you will ever make and, in my opinion, it’s the best thing you will ever do for yourself and anyone or anything you care about.”

Having worked alongside Anthony for almost 20 years, I have been witness to his compassion, commitment and well-evolved clinical skill set. Anthony is what I call “psychologically minded” with an uncanny ability to recognize human suffering and the wisdom to do what it takes to be a change agent.

You Can Overcome

Let’s get to the root of the problem and solve it for good.

You deserve to be in control of your life, and I can help you get there.

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What people are saying

Set You Free Online Course

What if you could harness your stress, transform it in a positive way and finally feel free?

With “Set You Free,” Coach Anthony Haskins gives you the evidence-based tools, insights and experiences that work long-term. 

Stress doesn’t have to take over your life.

Executives and Business Owners

Executives and Business Owners 

Stress is costing you. It undermines cognitive function, decision making, focus, and productivity while leading to more sick days, burnout and turnover.  When people are under stress, conflicts and arguments overtake goals and procedures.  

I can help you and your team learn to mitigate stress and harness it for better outcomes.

Hit the Reset!

Stressed? You don’t have to be.

Sometimes, the best way to reset is to take a deep breath and a few minutes to re-center. I’ve created a FREE 11 minute program for you called Hit the Reset. This quick guided process will clear your mind and help you re-center when you’re feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and insecure.

Anthony Haskins

Brain Based Solutions for Business Owners

Striving for peak productivity?
Struggling with persistent stress?
Ready to elevate your business game?
I am the business consultant you need to help you take control.
My mission to help was cemented by the mentorship of world renowned brain expert G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D, A.B.P.P., author of “Retraining the Brain” who takes a brain based approach to healing issues and changing behaviors. I also spent almost 20 years serving as Resource Director for Dr. Phil where he personally mentored me in creating life strategies for success in all areas of life, from personal to business, to relationships & family. 
I am an expert in evidence based therapies and brain based protocols that work to rewire brain patterns and heal nervous system function, bringing health and wellness to you, your work life and team members.
Working with me, you learn the skills necessary to get where you want to be.