Anger is a pervasive emotion that wreaks havoc on your cardiovascular system, relationships and mental health. We tend to think that we can compartmentalize it; however, the permeating nature of anger is such that it’s toxifies every interaction and bleeds into all areas of life. When the brain is hot with anger, you are unable to prevent impulsive words and actions that cause permanent destruction. Calming the storm of Anger in your brain is critical to your health and well-being, and the ability to feel good and create meaningful relationships.

This Anger Management Package Includes:

  • Hit the Reset: Unwind and reset your emotional state with effective techniques for managing anger. Regain clarity and control in intense situations, fostering healthier responses.
  • Depressurize Sound Immersion: Immerse yourself in soothing soundscapes crafted to release pressure and diffuse anger. Promote relaxation and mental clarity through this unique auditory experience.
  • Safe Place Imagery with Sleep Induction: Drift into peaceful sleep while visualizing your personal safe haven. This guided imagery session not only induces sleep but also contributes to long-term anger reduction.

The Antidote to Anger



Hit the Reset

Stressed? You don’t have to be.

Sometimes, the best way to reset is to take a deep breath and a few minutes to re-center. I’ve created a FREE 11 minute program for you called Hit the Reset. This quick guided process will clear your mind and help you re-center when you’re feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and insecure.