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Meet Anthony Haskins

Anthony Haskins’ mission is to help people reduce their suffering and live a rich, happy, joyful existence despite their histories and any troubles they may face. 

He’s an expert in the fields of human behavioral science, relationships, and personal development for peak performance. His evidence-based coaching practice is built on nearly 20 years of first-hand experience with individuals and families in crisis as Resource Director for the Dr. Phil show.

In that time, he worked closely with both Dr. Phil McGraw and G. Frank Lawlis, PhD, ABPP, a premier brain scientist and pioneer in neuroplasticity and non-invasive neurologically based treatments. He also sat at the table with Dr. Phil’s Advisory Board, which included some of the greatest minds alive in the fields of mental health, relationships, parenting, family dynamics, behavioral health, and mind-body medicine.   

Through extensive understanding of how the body, brain, and emotions react to environmental and internal stressors, Anthony provides individualized and dynamic coaching to help people navigate life’s challenges in a transformative way. Many of his clients have previously tried other life coaches and therapists with limited success and are finally able to implement lasting change through deep, focused coaching work with Anthony. 

Anthony’s work with clients extends far beyond just sitting and talking. He draws from his two decades of experience with evidence-based practices, techniques and experiential processes in order to customize each coaching program to the unique needs of the individual. 

In addition to his experience with Dr. Phil and his private coaching practice, he has trained medical professionals at top inpatient treatment  programs in mental health, trauma, and dual-diagnosis addiction and  has contributed to multiple peer-reviewed articles and three books written by Dr. Frank Lawlis: The PTSD Breakthrough, PyschoNeuroPlasticity Protocols for Addiction, and Healing Rhythms to Reset Wellness.  Anthony also speaks to corporate and healthcare audiences across the country and is currently writing his first book. 

His education includes a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University, a Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University School of Law,and  training for advanced professionals in Motivational Interviewing and Crisis Management at the University of North Texas Medical Science Center. He is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Master in Therapeutic Imagery from American Hypnosis Association, and a Certified Life Coach.

Anthony lives in Oklahoma with his wife and two daughters.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Anthony’s coaching practice is private pay only. Fees for one-on-one or relationship coaching will be discussed during the discovery call.

Anthony’s practice focuses on doing big work in a short period of time. Most clients, even those with the most traumatic and complex journeys, work with Anthony for a year. The goal is to find healing and equip clients with the critical skills needed to navigate any stressors that life throws at them in the future.

Yes, relationship coaching clients must work with Anthony as a couple and separately as individuals. In his many years of experience, it’s the only way for relationship coaching to be truly successful.

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