Easing Grief by Nurturing Heartache Healing


Discover the key to managing grief’s impact on mental well-being, heart health, and relationships. Learn the art of letting go through our comprehensive package, featuring Relief and Relaxation Sound Immersions, as well as Safe Place Imagery for emotional healing and calmness.



Grief and Loss are natural parts of life and learning how to deal effectively with this aspect of yourself is critical to maintaining a well-balanced brain, a healthy heart and functional relationships. The process of letting go is ever unfolding. The emotions that arise are important, yet it is easy to either avoid them or become stuck in them. Neither are healthy long term. This is why feeling them fully, moving through them, and letting them go is a skill we must acquire.

This Grief and Loss Tools package includes:

  • Relief Sound Immersion: Immerse yourself in rhythms, frequencies, and patterns designed to guide your brain to a desired state, aiding in processing grief and fostering emotional relief.
  • Relaxation Sound Immersion: Experience a tranquil sound journey that helps your brain achieve a desired state, promoting relaxation and a sense of ease during times of grief.
  • Safe Place Imagery: Guided process to induce calmness and security, benefiting various challenges including Anxiety, Depression, Anger Issues, and Sleep Problems. Use daily for emotional healing.