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Heart Power is Here to Be Harnessed

How Powerful is YOUR Heart?

I think sayings that stick around and are passed along for generations do so because there’s deeper, resonating truth to them. 

How many times have you heard this one? ⬇

“Follow your heart.”

There is great power and beautiful truth in this guidance. We say it as an abstract concept but I want to put feet on the ground, establish a real-world perspective for applying this principle. 

Our heart sends more messages to our brain than our brains are sending to our hearts. Because of this, your heart has incredible influence over your mind and your actions. 

Think about it:

❤️ Hearts beat faster when you’re in love. 

❤️ Heartbeats flurry and palpitate when anxious.

❤️ Heart rate slows and calms the brain when you breathe long, slow and deeply.

❤️ Heartfelt connections are made in meaningful relationships.

Your heart is a poignant guide. It can serve as your compass. It’s steady rhythm of your soul’s beating drum — the first sound you EVER heard — can become a beacon of hope, surrender and growth if you follow its pathway. 

Simply put, our heart is POWER!

Vulnerability Is Strength

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

The ability to soften, become tender and surrender to the heart takes great courage and strength. Standing between you and the beautiful sensation of a deep loving connection are your barriers and defenses that you’ve put up, mostly unknowingly, in order to survive difficult people and relationships. 

The allowing of the hearts love to unfold without those protections is indeed vulnerability. That requires great courage and resilience in letting others in despite the chance of being hurt. 

I’ve long said that the only security that truly exists is knowing that you can handle whatever life throws your way. And I firmly believe that you are given only those things in life that you also have the strength and perseverance to overcome. 

As you endure the trials and hardships of life, your heart is forged into impenetrable steel; the making of a true gentle warrior.

Harness Your Heart Power

Your heart-brain connection has immense power over every aspect of your life and well-being!

Being able to unlock and harness that power can greatly improve the quality of your life. The ways to move through your defenses and arrive at greater heartfelt sensitivity, equaling tremendous power and vitality are pretty simple:

🧠 Relaxation — As important as sleep, learning to relax your body and mind transforms brain and nervous system patterns. These are the patterns that dictate how you experience the events and circumstances in your life. 

❤️ Heart Meditation — Place your hands on your heart. Really feel into your heart and emotions. Allow feelings to come to the surface to be felt without using the brain to figure out where they come from or why. Just simply feel and express them. 

​​🏃‍♂️ Exercise Daily – Move to extend your heart’s health and vitality. Working out, walking, yoga, and any form of enjoyable exercise that gets the body moving and hopefully sweating will enhance your life force energy and extend your lifetime.

🍏 Eat Well – Rather than restricting yourself from “bad” foods, start by eating healthy foods along with your other favorite foods. choose good healthy whole foods like fresh vegetables, lean range/grass fed meats and organic fruits. You’ll find that you get full and start to desire those foods that fuel your heart and satiate you better. 

🧘‍♀️ Manage Stress — Stress unchecked leads to heart disease, illness, & mental health issues. 80-95% of all doctor visits are stress related. Learning to mitigate stress and harness it for better outcomes is the determinative for a fulfilling and enjoyable life experience. 

Become Heart Focused

Focus on your individual heart journey. Grow a thick skin by refusing to let anyone’s negative or combative energy knock you off course of your own personal truth. Like an elephant, be strong and unmoved. Then if you do get knocked off track, take a quick 11 minute break to breathe, relax your body and reset so you can reclaim what’s lost to those energy vampires in your life.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung

Remember this:  You are more than capable!

If you’re struggling to remain consistent, ask yourself…

  • How do I feel when practicing these habits?
  • Which habits have been the most difficult to implement?
  • When do I feel the most grounded and in-tune with my heart?
  • What brings me peace and slows my heart?
  • When do I feel the most anxious?

When all else fails (or even before it does), my virtual office is open. I’d love to answer your questions, encourage you as you harness your heart power, and help you live a more fulfilling life.

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Set You Free

Everyone faces stress in their daily lives. Whether family and relationship turmoil or work and financial pressures, each and every one of us is up against this most deadly killer of people, relationships, joy and productivity—Stress. It can absolutely mess with your heart-brain connectivity, your productivity and eats away any sense of joy and peace.

BUT—Stress doesn’t have to overwhelm your life!

With “Set You Free,” I give you the evidence-based tools, insights and processes that work long-term.

Take control and enroll today.

Until next time, I’m out!

Anthony Haskins

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